Matatu Graffiti Ban to render Kenyan youth Jobless



Although graffiti seems to be to a controversial art, many youth have that as a talent and some do it as a profession. Think of the youth that are paid big to beautify the vehicles using art. Although this might not be the only market.. the ban could be a big blow to the artists.

It is what brings food on their tables…. and as Kenya plans on going back to the Michuki rules, this will be one big door closed for the youth who use this art to make money.

Controversies that surround graffiti continue to create debate amongst city officials, law enforcement, and artists who desire to showcase their work.

Although the ban is effective as from the 12th of November, and a notice was issued asking all the involved to observe the rules, a section of Kenyans still hope that this ban shall be revisited.

Seems so difficult to imagine the streets without those colorful cars with beautiful designs.. although some pretty controversial but I am still trying to imagine how an image or art contributes to violence and gangster behavior.

Some even use this art to attract passengers… who love such designs and would wait on those cars instead of using other vehicles.


The wash away of this ‘harmless’ matatu culture has triggered a lot of reactions from Kenyans with some supporting and others simply against it.

The Michuki rules are back as a result of the increased accidents in the country and maybe for the good but  a section of Kenyans are demanding that the youth and some of these matatu cultures should be protected.

Do you feel that the  involved authorities should have recommended decent art instead of completely washing away of graffiti?

Have a look at the reactions…

Do you think that Graffiti Art contributes to violence?

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