From Daadab refugee Camp in Kenya to America House of Senate,meet Ilhan Omar.

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Daadab refuge camp harbour a lot of Somali who have fled their country due to war. The situation is devastating. Refuges are living in absolute desperate states.

They have no proper housing places, tents serve them right. Food is scarce and they only depend on food aid from the government of Kenya and UN. People are constantly affected by killer diseases most of them end up dying especially children.

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Access to water among other basic requirements is hail problem to the refugees in Daadab camp.

Making it worse the somali refugees are marginalized in the sense that they are terrorists. This have made them remain in their state of being non verbal.

Atrocities and actions against human kind is the order of the day. Rape and sexual assault to women in the refugees camp are so common cases.

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But some move out optimistic and go out impacting change to the nation.

A former refugee at Daadab in Kenya will now be part of the 435-member US House of Representatives following her victory in the Minnesota congress elections.

Ilhan Omar, a mother of three, was elected to the House for Minnesota. The 36-year-old  moved to America at the age of 12 as a refugee from Somalia.

Her win goes into records, making her the second Muslim woman ever elected to the US Congress.

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The Democrat lived at the Daad refugee camp in Kenya for four years and could not even speak English at the time she relocated to the US.

She floored her, earlier perceived stronger, opponents with one being a prominent female politician, while two others were long-term servicemen in Minnesota’s legislature.

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“I have proven myself to be someone who shows up, takes on the hard fight and delivers, and I am ready to do that for the people of the 5th Congressional District,” stated Ilhan after winning in the primaries.

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The Legislative powerhouse, policy expert has been a critic of the Trump administration but has stood out of the odds to win in the elections alongside Rashida Tlaib, another Muslim woman who was elected in Michigan.

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Ilhan, a Somali-American, during her campaigns lashed out at the Trump administration as one that demeans the dignity of the Democrats.



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