Jaguar blasts “inexperienced” harmonize for letting down fans


Starehe Constituency MP and Kenyan artist Jaguar has reacted to the flopped event which was set to be headlined by the Tanzanian Bongo artist Harmonize in Eldoret over the weekend.

According to the Starehe MP, he said that it would have been best if he dealt with his fans first then sort out the differences with his promoter instead of publicly showing that there was a problem.

The MP also added that fans had come out in large numbers to support him and it was important for Harmonize to remain loyal to his fans.

” Sometimes ni vizuri uangalie mafans kwa sababu hao ndio wamekufikisha hapa.”

He would have gotten more fans if he went for that event. Just because he stayed at the hotel does not mean that he gained anything or added to his talent.

Experience is a good thing because if you have been in the industry for long, the upcoming artist are not experienced and feel that they will be in the industry forever.” he said

Jaguar also said that he cannot advise the artist because everyone has their own thoughts…


“If I was him, I would have gone to the event then sort out my issues with the promoter later on. The fans love him for his talent and that is what he would have done.”

Despite being given a heroic welcome in Eldoret town, singer Harmonize was a disappointed man this weekend after  he claimed that the  promoters duped him.

Kenyans took to social media to air their dissatisfaction in the manner with which the much hyped “Chaget Festival” that was set to be headlined by the Wasafi signed artist went down.

Even after he gave an apology to his fans, some feel that he would have done better.

Do you agree with Jaguar’s sentiment in regard to this?


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