Greedy Landlords Doubles house rent in Eastleigh estate

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How do you hike rent with this harsh economy?

Residents of Eastleigh estate, Nairobi have express their disgrace with the land lords after hiking and charging unreasonably exorbitant rent without involving them.

On Saturday, November 3, a notice on rent increment was plastered in one apartment reminding tenants to take note of the changes in which those living in  one- bedroomed house will have to pay KSh 23,000 from KSh 18,000 while two -bedroomed will have to cough Ksh 50,000 or ship out.

The tenants are mostly from middle class  and low income earners are accusing the greedy landlords of driving the poor out of Eastleigh and are now demanding something should be done on the increment.

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However lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has advised those who are  unable to pay should quietly move out.

“A rent equilibrium is reached when the minds of the landlord and tenant meet. No third party has any role to play. But If Eastleigh has become expensive, move further to the East,” he tweeted.

Lawyer  Ahmed Mohamed  has promised to look into the matter and find a permanent situation.


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