Too many misfortunes. Did Homa Bay county annoy the gods?

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If there is one county that has been hit by tragedy during the recently concluded KCPE exam, it’s got to be Homa Bay County. One would ask what did the county do to annoy the ‘gods’ and be victims of so much misfortune.

Yesterday evening, two students including a KCPE candidate from Lwanda Kawuro Primary School and a Form Two student at Obera secondary school were killed after they were struck by lighting while playing football.

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Remember when our parents told us not to play in the rain and we thought they were only being party poopers? Now you know.

Homa Bay County Police Commander, Marius Tum who confirmed the incident said the two boys were rushed to Royal Hospital in Rongo Sub County for treatment but succumbed to their injuries as they were pronounced dead upon arrival. The bodies of the two students were moved to Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital.

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A few days ago, a candidate from Koyoo Primary School in Rangwe Constituency, Homa Bay County was rushed to Kisii County Referral Hospital after consuming poison under unclear circumstances.

Homa Bay County Police Commander, Marius Tum said the candidate would have to miss the remaining exams as he is in an unstable condition. The candidate is said to have called his friend to inform him that he had consumed poison after which he called his friend to inform him of what he had just done.

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When the KCPE exams began, Tom Goya Mboya was arrested and held at Homa Bay Police Station after detaining his son and preventing him from sitting the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

According to the Homa Bay County Director of Children’s Department, Peter Kutere, the man had instructed his son not to leave home as he wanted him to repeat Class Seven and sit the national examinations next year.

The boy, who had prepared and was leaving for school when he was blocked by his father, was therefore forced to miss the Mathematics and English papers scheduled for day one of the examinations on Tuesday.

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Can you imagine how the boy felt after all those years of preparation?

Homa Bay County has clearly had it’s fare share of drama and it’s rather difficult to fathom how one county can be so unlucky.


Do you think it was just nature or is Homa Bay county actually cursed?

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