Octopizzo Finally speaks on “mpango wa kando.”

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Why do people cheat in  a relationship?

Many people have their reasons to justify the cheating. The reasons are of course different. But the question always pop ups is it right to cheat on your spouse or either boyfriend/girlfriend?

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The pain of finding out that someone cheated on you is even hard to comprehend. I think it is cause of many break ups. The trend is not only on men , even women cheat.

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This debate is just broad that we don’t even proper way to which is right and what is wrong.

Rapper Octopizzo opened up about relationships in a recent interview saying that both men and women cheat.

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“Come on, people are human, every man cheats.” He said

The rapper also maintained that society should stop looking at men only as cheats saying that even women cheat.

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“Every woman cheats,”he added

When speaking about his own relationship, Octo maintained that he preferred to maintain his main chic only.

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“If you have a main chic you have a main chic, there is no two ways. Si then you just become polygamous? I don’t believe in having someone on the side. Cheating is broad, flirting is cheating to some extent and flirting is normal to some extent because even when you have the love of your life you can still see things you have never seen and you admire, that is flirting. ” he said



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