Is it Witchcraft? 10 Needles Found Inside a Woman

Days after doctors discovered seven sewing needles lodged in the body of three-year-old child at Kapenguria County Referral Hospital in West Pokot, another shocking revelation has been made of a woman who has 10 sewing needles in her body.

An X ray scan conducted on the woman on Wednesday showed that the metals were indeed lodged in her body.

The woman in question, Ms Tabitha Wairimu could not explain how the foreign objects ended up in her body or even for how long they have been there.

An X-ray scan revealed the needles are lodged in her chest, both hands and abdoment.

Ms Wairimu’s friends said they had started to worry about her, describing her as “totally changed after years of disappearance.”

They say Wairimu returned from where she was with acute memory lapse and speech impairment.

Mrs. Wairimu has revealed that she was once raped by unknown people and left for dead.

She does not recall when the incidents happened, but can remember bloody scenes after the incidents.

Ms Wairimu complains of strong pain in her lower abdomen where one of the needles is lodged.

“I feel nothing on other parts of the body apart from my stomach where the pain is [too] much to bear,” she said.

 Wairimu’s case is just one of the ever increasing cases of needles found inside human beings in the country.

Just a few moths ago, Doctors at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) successfully removed seven sewing needles lodged in the abdomen of a three-year-old child.


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