Demi Lovato’s battles in her rehab journey

PHOTO/COURTESY Demi Lovato Instagram

Popular American musician and actress Demi Lovato has been in rehab for a couple months now. The artist boldly revealed  her struggles at the peak of  drug addiction.

The beginning of her rehab journey might have been quite rocky and a big hustle but months down the line, the singer is now moving towards the light.

Demi Lovato’s mother recently revealed that the artist has now been sober for 90 days. She will also stay in rehab for the next two months.

Sources also reveal that Demi Lovato is determined to get back to her normal state and therefore she is taking her medication seriously.


Before she went to rehab, she vowed that she will keep fighting and noted that she was grateful that God kept her alive and well.

It is unclear what drugs the 26year old was using that caused her to lose her conscious before she was admitted in hospital and then began her rehab journey.

PHOTO/COURTESY Demi Lovato Instagram

Her mother at many instances has been heard saying that she is grateful that her daughter is still alive an responding well to treatment.

Although she has made it her responsibility and main focus to make sure that she wins in this battle. Her family and fans have been a great pillar that have made the journey easier for her.

Demi has shown a sense of self-drive towards honoring her commitment to take medication and in the next two months fans believe that the artist will be back on her feet.



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