Message Of Goodwill- Mombasa Governor KCPE Post Ignites Debate

Just like many Kenyans, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and other leaders shared messages of goodwill to the 2018 KCPE candidates who started their exams on Monday.

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In his message, Joho stated that the exams stand between the young Kenyans’ journey to success, a position that sparked online debate on Twitter.

Joho’s message, to a number of Kenyans on Twitter, was interpreted as implying that the candidates could only succeed in life once they pass exams.

“Dear candidates, the only thing between you and success is exams. Face them with immense confidence and courage as you march on to greatness. I wish you the very best,” the Governor wrote on Twitter.

Many could not agree with the governor’s intended message, arguing that he was an example of people who had made great strides in life even without necessarily having exemplary academic records.

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A user dismissed the message, asking Governor Joho to encourage the candidates and cite himself as a testimony that one could still succeed without being subjected to examinations.

Uongo Governor –sema ukweli -Exams can’t and won’t determine anyone’s success. You know that… but coz of creativity and ingenuity -you’re most successful. The exam is just a poor grading system that has to be used to sieve students,” a Kenyan responded on Twitter.

One Moses  Omolo differed with the Governors message stating that, “Don’t worry candidates, passing an exam is not a matter of death and life. Look at the Governor of Mombasa is successful with a D-. It ain’t that serious folks!! Good luck.”

Gitau Zach argued that it was not factual for the ODM deputy party leader to say that the only thing between candidates and success is exams. He posited that the passing exams has always bee good but noted that not all who excelled in exams are successful people.

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