Video!! Diamonds baby mama shows off her dancing skills

Diamonds baby mama Hamisi Mabeto shows her dancing skills to her fans while  partying in Houston Texas where she was hosting live concert.

Watch the Tanzania beauty breaking her bones.

Ms Mabote broke up with her baby dady says she will  not  get back with musician Diamond since she is focusing on her foundation.

The beauty queen told Monday Blues her plan is to focus more on business and her foundation and more so be a positive role model to the young people who look up to her.

Hamisa was in the country for a charity drive.

She says launching the foundation that helps women was always a dream she had and swore to fulfil.

“The Hamisa Mobetto Foundation is dedicated to helping single parent families overcome the hardships they are facing and provide assistance in navigating difficulties that come with raising a family on their own. That is why the charity visit in Kenya was so important to me,” she told Monday Blues.

“Single parents take on the stress of raising children all by themselves, causing significant emotional strain as well as the overwhelming financial stress,” she added.

Hamisa Mobetto shows off her dancing skills while partying in Houston Texas

Hamisa says she sees the impact of poverty on the lives of children and their families and the direct correlation between poverty and vulnerability.

“We need to promote a positive and supportive attitude towards teen and single mothers, prevent teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/Aids, and to influence public and social policies that affect teen mothers and their children and so many other things that might help these vulnerable children,” Hamisa said of her foundation’s goals.

After the break up, it seems like the beauty queen has been making money moves.


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