Long holiday with no homework?What next?

The ministry said school holidays are meant for pupils and students to relax and unwind.

It said homework cuts children off from the world and denies them the chance to gain knowledge and skills.

The ministry encouraged parents to teach their children to engage in community service in their localities Director of Secondary Education Paul Kibet has warned teachers against giving their students home work during holiday breaks. According to him, school holidays are allocated to allow learners to relax and interact with the rest of the world.

A school calender runs for nine months although interposed with April and August holidays. December provides room for children to unwind and relax as the learning through a joyous experience requires learning.

“The community provides a platform where the education of the children continues. The knowledge, skills, values and attitudes they imbibe from the family and community feed into the education they get formally in school,” he added.

“The children should as much as possible engage in community service typical to the localities they live in,” Kibet noted.

Further reports by the Standard state Kibet termed school holidays as an integral part of learning and a chance for the students to unwind.

Homework according to the director cuts children off from the world and denies them the chance to gain knowledge and skills they gain from the world.

Parents were also urged to be more proactive in the lives of their young ones whenever the kids went home during the holidays.

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