Gideon Moi’s share of the handshake.

Kenya National Union (KANU) National Chairman and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi  started a two-day tour of Homa Bay County. Moi landed at Wikondiek SDA church, Karachuonyo on Saturday morning where he was received by church leaders and local politicians.

Gideon Moi who has been silence on most political matters has decided to come out and speak out on the importance of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
Moi has reiterated on the importance of the handshake in uniting the entire nation and steering economic developments in the country.
Gideon Moi has also talked on the issue of referendum. Moi expressed his support for the referendum unconditionally chalenging those who oppose the move to prepare to meet in the ballot. This comes as a section of several leaders have expressed their support for referendum with different conditions.
Gideon Moi is among the political threat to the Deputy President William Ruto in the Rift Valley in the 2022 succession politics.
Gideon Moi who is in Homabay seems to be creating political ties with the people of Homabay as a section of leaders from the place urging him to launch his bid for Presidential interests in 2022.
Hon. Moses Kajwang urged Gideon Moi to prepare his path for the 2022 contest. This comes as other leaders have in the past rallied behind Gideon Moi for his quest to be the next President.
Gideon Moi might be the next beneficiary of the handshake deal. Gideon is enjoying the support from people of Homabay as the political giant of the region Raila Odinga has been appointed as in the African Union as the Head of Infrastructure Development.
This comes as a section of ODM candidates rubbished the ideas that Raila Odinga should quit from active politics. This has raised a lot of mixed reactions as even the sections of Luhya leaders try to forge for a unity. Their unity is still on the rocks as Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula who have keen interests on the 2022 politics both have presented their personal interests. Bonny Khalwale has rallied behind William Ruto.
With Gideon Ruto now coming on the rise of political scene, the race of 2022 politics becomes even tougher.

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