No Beef ! Rich Mavoko relationship with Diamond

Months after ditching Diamond’s  Wasafi label and being out of the lime light Rich Mavoko finally breaks his silence.

The Bongo star refutes quarrels  claims with Wasafi Records other than the normal industry disagreements.

“Najua watu wanashindwa kuelewa, sikuondoka kwa ugomvi kule hata kidogo ni mambo tu ya kawaida ya kimuziki lakini sina tatizo na yeyote yule.” he said.

Asked if he would work with Wasafi Records given a chance, Rich Mavoko said that he would gladly do it, as it is all business.

“Sina tatizo kabisa, tutakaa chini na kuzungumza si ni biashara tu?” he added.

Mavoko revealed that his music has not changed at all since his disagreements with Wasafi  and neither has his style or fans.

He says that he is now signed elsewhere but is not ready to reveal yet as his new label does not want the attention.

The artist has released a number of singles: Ndegele, Hongera, Naogopa and Navumilia which have all done well.

Meanwhile, Wasafi DJ Romy Jones was recently asked why he does not play Mavoko’s songs and said that if it got enough rounds they would gladly play it.

“Sidhani kama kuna shida , kwa sababu tumepiga za Alikiba, na ommy dimpoz kwanini tusicheze za Rich mavoko ukiona haijachezwa basi ujue mzunguko wake haujafika tu. Mzunguko wake ukifika itachezwa na itabaki kuwa ile ni ya kwetu sote.” he answerwed.

Previously the Bongo star had accused Wasafi president Diamond Pltinum of exploitation he is said to have complained of constant pressure from the label to release several songs without taking a break.

Mavoko stated that his contract with Wasafi was exploitative and thus hurting him.

Bongo star Rich Mavoko (left) when he joined Diamond Platnumz's Wasafi Record Label. PHOTO | FILE


Rich Mavoko had two years ago ditched Kenyan rapper King Kaka’s record label Kaka Empire to sign with the boy from Tandale.

Well, it seemed like after Mavoko ditched Wasafi label the beef between him and  the label’s owner Diamond Platnumz may had escalated forcing Tanzanian authorities through Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA) to mediate between the two.

After Mavoko reached out to Basata to report his misgivings with his contract and wanted to be advised on how he can opt out without being taken to court for breach of contract.

Basata Secretary General Godfrey Mngereza is said to have gone through Rich Mavokos’ contract and advised him accordingly.

Basata has also reportedly signed the musician as an independent artiste and he is now allowed to work as a solo musician.

Before ditching Wasafi records, Mavoko said that the label has unrealistic demands and only wants things done their way without putting the artist’s desires into consideration.

He went on to say that Diamond was forever in his case to drop new songs back to back something he finds challenging because of personal engagements.

Rich Mavoko had complained of favoritism from the labels management  and claimed other artists like him were being ignored by the label.

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