Tension rises in Malindi as a building collapses and buries unknown number of people.

A seven storey building has collapsed this early morning in Malindi.

The rescue operation is under way as 11 people have been retrieved from the collapsed building with injuries and have been rushed to the nearest hospitals.

The building that was in under construction in Bararani area , is feared to have trapped more people in the rubble as the rescue teams struggle to save the lives.

The building is believed to have been brought down by heavy rains in the area and heavy winds. The area has received heavy rains for the past few days accompanied by strong winds whichĀ  are leading cause of the collapse of the building.

The area was even reported to have flood cases in the recent past.

But the constructor of the building has alsoĀ  alot to answer to assertain if the foundation of the construction was approved.

This comes after an incident that occurred in Huruma area Nairobi that claimed a number of lives. The cause of the fatal accident that claimed more than 60 lives was poor construction plans near the river.

This comes as the county of Nairobi launched the demolition of buildings which are constructed near the river and even those with un approved building plans.

The case of buildings collapsing has been rampant especially in Nairobi where people start constructing without getting proper plans.

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