First lady rolling high on health projects

City residents turned up for free cancer screening yesterday during the launch of Beth Mugo Cancer Foundation. The screening was done for breast, prostate and cervical cancer, which are considered to be the prevalent cases in the country. Government statistics reveal that 27,000 cancer patients die annually, making it the third leading cause of death.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta called for increased awareness and screening to avoid such deaths. “We must no longer agree to diagnose this disease at advanced stages when the chances of survival are minimal,” said Mrs Kenyatta while launching the foundation at Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

The First Lady also announced that the Beyond Zero Campaign, through Agha Khan Foundation, had donated a fully equipped mobile clinic for screening purposes in remote regions.


The Beth Mugo Cancer Foundation will mainly focus on the highly prevalent cancers by promoting public awareness, creating demand for screening and early detection and providing financial support for effective programmes and services on prevention and control, among others.

The foundation chairperson Senator Beth Mugo noted that breast cancer contributes to over 17 per cent of the five-year prevalence rate for all cancers followed by cervical cancer at 15 per cent and prostate cancer. Jane Kamau, a resident of Roysambu, who had queued for more than an hour applauded the initiative noting that she could not afford to carry out the test earlier.

What a brilliant initiative by the First Lady,i hope the health services will be available for all Kenyans and this will help curb the numerous deaths caused by ignorance and lack of funds.

Kudos First Lady!

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