Jowie might be crucified by his friend, Jennings Orlando as the state plots to use him as a witness.

Joe Irungu alias Jowie’s alleged accomplice Jennings Odhiambo Orlando could turn into a state witness, police have said.

The Recce Squad officer was arrested on Thursday night and will be detained for 14 days pending investigations.

According to Jennings, he was with Jowie on the night that he apparently paid the late Monica Kimani a visit at her Kilimani home. Mr Jennings initially denied knowing anything about the murder of the 28 year old businesswoman but changed his stance over the weekend.


He told the police that the suspect had called for drinks. They met up at Road House Grill where they stayed from 6 pm to 8 pm when Jowie said that he was going to visit a friend from Juba at Kilimani.

Jowie allegedly dropped the officer at a petrol station only to return at around 11 pm. They drove off in the second accused, Jacque Maribe’s car.

Jennings had gone missing for two weeks. Asked why he did not inform the police of the goings on, he said that he was shocked that his friend of three months was linked to the murder.

He denied setting foot in the deceased’s home at Lamuria Gardens.

Jennings if he corporate with the state means Jowie will be left hanging on the peg depending on the amount of information which Jennings would offer.

Jacque and Jowie remain in remand pending their bail application hearing set for Wednesday, 24 October.

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