Justice James Wakiaga “clogs” the media on Monica’s murder case


Citizen Tv’s Jacque Maribe and her fiance Jowie will remain in police custody for another one week. This is line with today’s court ruling.

The ruling was delivered by Justice James Wakiaga who took over from Justice Lesiit who dropped down from the case citing her enormous workload.

The bail hearing for the two will now take place on the 24th of this month.

The judge offered stern warnings to journalists for writing about the issues in court and spreading propaganda about the evidence which the two are linked with.

This means that if the media heeds to the orders, reporters can only generate stories from court proceedings as opposed to relying on their sources in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the defence.

Justice Wakiaga was categorical that constant publishing of sensitive information that is central to the case has led to what he termed as unnecessary public limelight on the case that led to the previous judge Justice Jessie Lessit, to recuse herself from presiding over the case.

The judge also showed a stone face to lawyers who were a bit easy during Justice Lessit’s hearing.

The judge publicly declared that he does not trust the lawyers who are representing both parties in the court.

Although the judge showed a stoned face throughout the hearing , he insisted on serving justice.

The High Court judge stated that the public limelight on the case might lead to bias and if the event Maribe and Irungu are released they might sue the media for damages

“Between the prosecution and the investigators who is in love with the press?” Justice Wakiaga asked Ms. Mwaniki appearing for the prosecution.

The judge further ordered, “The court directs the media that from now on when this file is before me those statements you keep writing about what you have done, what you have not done, the money which has not been collected and recovered, for now you stop writing about that”

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