Kenya Airports Authority’s statement following the fire at KPC JKIA Depot


Kenya Airports Authority has released a statement in regard to the fire that broke out this evening at the Kenya Pipeline Company depot in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Disaster Management units went to the scene to contain the fire and the statement released shortly after the incident confirmed that the team was successful. The airport operations are also back to normal and the management assured that no flight delays have been experienced.

“Jambo! We confirm that there was a fire at Kenya Pipeline Company JKIA Depot which has since been contained. Airport operations are back to normal with no flight delays experienced.” reads tweet shared on the official page of Kenya Airports

Although a section of Kenyans on twitter have questioned on what the cause of the fire was, Kenya Airports Authority did not reveal this in their statement as the cause has not yet been established.

Kenyans have also applauded the disaster management team and the agencies involved saying that the response was quick and they are glad they were able to contain the fire

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