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Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications Secretary Dennis Itumbi on Monday made a surprise appearance at the Milimani High Court to show support with his friend – journalist Jacque Maribe who is facing murder charges.

Itumbi started by making an early morning prayer for tormented Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe.

It has always been said and I agree that, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice’,” “Though it tarries, be sure that Justice will be done my dear friend Jacque Maribe So shall it be done for Monica and Family. So, graciously hear me Lord,” Itumbi’s tweet read.

He is the first high-profile associate of Maribe to show her support in court where she’s facing murder charges.

Rumors of the two-dating started when Itumbi sent a birthday cake to Jacque during a live broadcast at the Citizen studio and when he wrote a sweet message to her on his Facebook page as well.

Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie have pleaded not guilty to the charge of killing Monica Kimani. The two were presented in Milimani Law courts today and denied the murder allegations.

Jacque Maribe is linked as a core conspirator in the execution of the murder charges placed against them. Jowie is the center of it all. Several evidences released link the two to the brutal murder of the famous business lady.

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The DNA taken from the crime scene is said to match the DNA identity of the key murder suspect Joe Irungu. Maribe is linked to the case as some of the evidence found places her either directly or indirectly to the crime charges. The car that is believed to have been used by Jowie to carry out the murder is believed to belong to Jackie and the traces found in the car link him to the murder.

It is also believed that the CCTV footage from the house captured Jowie with another person whose identity has not been found so far. Maribe is also syndicated as the cash which is alleged to have been taken from Monica was found in her apartment. Maribe gave contradicting statements that resulted to her arrest and she was spent quite some time in the Kamiti Remand prison.

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Jacque Maribe who broke the news to the Public through Citizen TV has since received consolation moments from his family especially his dad who have shown up in all court proceedings. Dennis Itumbi has also shown his support by sending numerous consolation messages using his social media platforms.

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Although he has received a lot of criticisms but Itumbi has continued to prove his support to Jacque Maribe .Despite their break up the Jubilee Social media analyst has proved that he has unconditional love for Jackie Maribe. Some people have accused Itumbi being desperate and he is craving for love.

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Appearing before judge Jessie Lessit, Maribe and Jowie were jointly charged with the murder of Monica Kimani on September 19, 2018.

The two have since undergone mental assessment which ascertained that they are fit to stand trial.


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