Global alarm raised over corruption index report in kenya


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Kenya is set to host global Christian leaders in major conference to discuss matters around corruption.

A team of Christian leaders have raised alarms over the corruption index report that subjected Christian countries top on list which is against the Christian faith.

According to Caroline Mbanacho Oduol, CEO Imani Works, a non for profit organization a USA based organization, “Kenya’s estimated current population is 50 million with Christianity being the predominant religion adhered by an estimated 85% of total population.”

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“However Kenya was ranked 143 out 180 in the world corruption index. If this statistics is anything to go by, there’s a need for key catalyst in conveying the conference to deal with the high unethical standards that blocks the growth of our economy.”

Faith at Work conference which will be hosted at Strathmore University on the 26th October 2018 looks at congregating hundreds of participants from all over the world.

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Speaking to Caroline Wanjau Senior pastor at Mavuno Church says, “We spend seventy percent of our lives at work and God has placed us there to make a difference hence lets make a difference in a Godly way through lessons from the conference and finally we create a lifestyle out of it

Recently the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has been facilitating Leadership and Integrity by providing data that will strengthen the anticorruption strategy in the country.

During a recent interview with EACC the Chairman Eliud Wabukala with the media released the 2017 National Ethics and Corruption Survey as the survey shows an increase in public interest in the fight against corruption.


“Our aim is to root out corruption in the country. Kenyans should suggest ways to do this, since war against corruption is our common responsibility.” the chairman added.

The drive to become a better country with Christian values goes past campaigns and more of what really God commands us to do. The conference views to incorporate our Christian values at the job market and enable grow our economy

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