CONFIRMED: Joe Irungu was at Monica Kimani’s MURDER Scene

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DNA tests and fingerprint analysis have placed Joseph Irungu at the scene of the murder of Monica Kimani, according to detectives. The new findings have placed Irungu, alias Jowie, at the heart of the investigation into the murder of the woman whose body was found in a bathtub in her Nairobi apartment with her throat slit.

Results from DNA samples collected from slain business woman Monica Kimani have confirmed that Joseph Irungu was at her murder scene.

According to a report by the investigators, the DNA analysis from samples of semen collected from Monica’s body matched those of Joe Irungu, the primary suspect in the case.

DNA samples from Monica’s nail tips also matched those of Jowie. The report further disclosed that the suspect’s finger prints were found on the Cellotape used to gag Monica’s mouth, the ropes used to tie her hands and the bloodstains found on Monica’s sofa, adding that the DNA samples had a 99.9 percent match with the suspect’s.

Police said Ms. Kimani’s two phones which were in the bathtub where her body was found also exposed crucial information.

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Joe Irungu was arrested as the primary suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani, who was found dead in a bathtub inside her apartment, in Kilimani.

Irungu was positively identified by four witnesses at a police parade in Kilimani Police station.

Her fiancé Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe and her neighbour Brian Kassaine were also nabbed in connection with the murder.

Joe Irungu is expected to take a plea on Monday when he is expected to appear in court.

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