Throwback:” We are legends, dont compare us to kids of this generation.”


This is what most people born in the 80’s and 90’s think. If you compare with kids right now ,they simply say they are the luckiest.

The kind of lifestyle we faced while growing up was so tough but fun anyway. Parents were the ones calling shots and we had to follow strictly without question. Every struggle was so real.

Today we set alarms to wake us up. During those days if you didn’t stay in the rural area where the early cock would wake you up, you stayed in the suburbs where their was this particular song which would most definitely would wake you up.

The words from the song would just make you wake up and go to wherever you were supposed to be at that particular time. With emphasis from parents who at no point never wanted to be looked down upon by neighbors’ , believe me waking up was not an option.

The type of games that were being played those days are real games. If its football all the children from the neighborhood would gather and make a ball from pieces of papers wrapped up nicely in a circular manner and woven with sisal. The game would be played barefooted unlike right now where kids are playing nice balls with nice kicks on.

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Music was fun as the kids used to use tape to record their music. Unlike right now where everybody has a phone with his own type of music and can comfortably carry it everywhere , those days the lucky ones used to own a walk man. This single walk man could be used to listen to music together with his friends from the hood.

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The famous chill spot was in the barber shop for big boys and salons for the classy ladies  during the evening hours. In the barber shop at least the kids  would meet up and talk. Right now this is not the case , play station centers have become the chill spots, movie shop and  candy shops. People rarely gather to talk as those days since we have WhatsApp groups and different social media platforms.

The famously known as “mafisi” of those days would dress up in those baggy jeans trousers and funny clothes to impress their crush. Relationship was real as people used to device mechanisms of seeing each other daily. Girls would stand shy in hideous places drawing all forms of patterns on the ground as the man struggles to spit those crammed romantic words.

Taking pictures was quite another hell of a problem. The photo man would be called and everyone expected to dress well and prepare to take a family photo or else go to a photo studio. The camera man was a very resected person during those days. People could wait even for a day before they could again see their photos in hard copy.

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Communication was another struggle. People had to write messages on paper and send through the post office. The technique of sliding into someone’s DM was not their.  A person would literally write a message then use a friend to pass it on. Making calls was just hard because someone was to carry coins and go the payphone in order to make a call.

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Right now the internet and new technology have made everything easy . People don’t have to go through the whole lots of trouble just make everything be done. The flow of everything is much simplified that this generation finds it easy to navigate and enjoy everything.

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This generation simply missed the best part of life , the 80’s and 90’s kid use this to justify them as being masterminds in the art of life and livin

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