New Political crisis deepens with opinions cutting across jubilee ,Nasa

Image result for uhuru railaWhile speaking to the media, Laikipia West MP has has commented on the escalating tension between deputy president Ruto and ODM Raila Odinga.

Ruto needs to understand is that an attack on ODMs is definitely an attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta, and vice versa. The two leaders are one and the same.

Those trying to create a rift between Raila and Uhuru will fail miserably because an attack on the Raila is an attack on the President.

There is no separate President and separate DP, since they are firmly united.

Let’s cease these endless attacks on the DP and channel our energy into development.

Some leaders need to be understand that there will never be a wedge between Uhuru and Ruto, as choreographed by some ODM honchos.

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Some people are doing lots of mathematics and filling gaps for themselves. The DP has never called anyone names as for me. Ruto has not attacked Nasa leader Raila Odinga anywhere.

Raila’s foot soldiers have always aimed their arrows at Ruto, which is perplexing. Minority Whip Junet Mohamed and Mombasa governor Hassan Joho have accused Ruto of calling Raila a “conman” but their accusations are baseless.

Please, leaders should let the Building Bridges initiative proceed in the best interest of the nation. We fully support Uhuru and Raila in this.

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We want peace in Nasa and the nation so we can work harmoniously in transforming this great republic.

Jubilee is united and nobody should mislead Kenyans that there are parallel commands in the party structure. We get a unified command from party leader Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto.

Whenever we attend parliamentary group meetings at State House as members of the ruling party, Uhuru and Ruto are always present. Directions are always unanimously endorsed by the leaders and it is insincere for some ODM leaders to allege that divergent directions are issued.

We are one team until Uhuru and Ruto will tell us — and I’m sure they will not — that we have two Jubilee parties. We only have Uhuru as the party leader and Ruto as deputy.

There recent remarks from both parties has sparked remarks that have not been welcomed from both sides.

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