Revealed! How Joseph Irungu’s Arrest has affected his Parents

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Every parent wants the best for their kids. Parents bring up their children with the hope that they will be the next Barrack Obama or Lupita Nyong’o who are some of the most famous international celebs with Kenyan roots.

But not all of them grow up to be Obama, some can turn out to be Onyancha the serial killer or even Moses Kuria, the trouble maker.

But imagine the agony of a parent, when they see their kid’s pictures on TV and newspapers, not because they won the Berlin Marathon like Eliud Kipchoge, but being a suspect in a high profile murder.

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Imagine being the father of Joseph Irungu, who is suspected to have tied Monica Kimani’s hands to her back, raped her and then slit her throat.

Mr. Julius Irungu Mwangi, the father of Jowi is still shocked by the news that his son could have committed such a heinous crime.

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“Mr Irungu still can’t believe that his son committed murder. He is also concerned about his wife (Joseph’s mother), the news hit her hardest,” said the friend who did not want to be named because he has not been appointed to speak on behalf of the family.

According to sources at their home in Lanet, the family has kept a low profile since the news of their son’s arrest and arraignment broke out.

According to The Standard Newspaper, Mr. Irungu did not respond to questions when contacted by journalists over a story. He didn’t also reply to a text message send to his phone, which is expected owing to the seriousness of the matter.

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The senior Irungu didn’t know he would have to deal with such media limelight when he retired from the defunct Nakuru Municipal Council two years ago. All the old man wanted was to lead a quiet life at his home in Lanet.

Jowi and his girlfriend Jacque Maribe are currently in custody over Monica Kimani’s murder. Witnesses say that Jowi was the last person to visit the deceased’s home in a Kanzu before she was found dead.

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Police have also recovered some money and a purse believed to belong to Monica at Jacque Maribe’s house in Langata. The two suspects shared the house and were together on the night of the murder.

Monica was laid to rest at her parents family in Naivasha on Friday. The family is closely following the proceedings and hope their daughter will find justice.

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