Revealed:Moses Kuria feared Moi to this extent

Gatundu South’s  MP Moses Kuria is like a double edged sword,cutting  from both sides.

The evokes mixed emotions from both houses , majority and minority.

To Cord leader Raila Odinga’s loyalists, he is tribal chauvinist, a loose cannon and an irritant.

To President Kenyatta’s Jubilee sympathisers, he is a defender of the “tribe” and a retaliatory asset to whatever is hurled at Mr Kenyatta.

In decorum terms, he would pass as “below average’, if you ask decent, intellectual figures. In boardrooms, he likes meetings short.

If hitting out at something or someone, he goes directly for the jugular—no room for innuendos. In short, you get to know exactly what he is saying.

But is Mr Kuria, with all that streetwise and politically provocative character, a busybody?

“I am a professional banker with 12 years experience,” he says. In fact, Kuria holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi.

Moses kuria had a passion for law and after finishing high school and he  wanted to pursue law as a career but Law students  were at then  considered anti-Moi radicals.

Fearing he could lose his life to the state Moses kuria  change his course.

After graduation in 1993, Kuria worked as an auditor at Githongo & Co before he moved to Total Kenya as an accountant a year later.

After a short stint, he sought a job at Family Finance and Building Society but would disagree with the owner, Mr Titus Muya, after only four days over money. “During the six-month probation, I was to be paid Sh8,000 and after confirmation, he would pay me Sh6,000. I did not see any sense,” says Kuria. That is how he landed at Standard Chartered Bank in 1995.


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