Kenya Railways sends warning to invaders on railway reserves

With the ongoing demolitions,Kenya Railways has warned all encroachers on the railway reserve countrywide to vacate with immediate effect.Being a transmission line, the Railway is covered by the Way Leaves Act which forbids any businesses hindering operations on the way leave.

Given their reasons, KRC went ahead and explained that encroachment poses challenges to their operations.

The safety standards is compromised resulting in derailments and other challenges including delays and vandalism. Following the demolition of Airgate Mall, KRC has reclaimed the section of its reserve land.

On a facebook post shared by KRC,  a detailed explanation is given on how they will deal with the matter. “We shall soon publicize all encroachers who have continued to occupy the railway reserve through residential and commercial establishments’ owner occupied and tenant occupied buildings, religious, educational and health institutions with no legal title or ownership rights. ”

They have however stated that the permissible range is 30 Meters on either side of the railway line. The Corporation also indicated that the public; with or without prior knowledge, occupying of the Corporation’s reserve land is criminal.

Anyone found violating this law is liable to imprisonment for a period of upto 10 years as per the Kenya Railways Corporation Act. 

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