REVEALED: Who Should be blamed for Mau Clashes

Mau clashes have been going on with hundreds of lives lost, people loosing homes through infernos and others getting Internally displaced.

The efforts of government to restore peace in the area has until now bore no fruits, as residents involved in the clashes confront the police on several occasions.

On Friday night, Police killed a man when he confronted them as they patrolled clash-torn Nessuit in Eastern Mau, Nakuru County.

Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwaga on Saturday confirmed that the victim was shot when he attacked the officers with arrows.

The clashes have moved detectives to arresting Nakuru County Assembly Deputy Speaker Samuel Tonui alias Chonjo, who is the ward representative for Nessuit, and a former MCA.

The two were arrested on Friday night and taken to an undisclosed police station in Nakuru where they were expected to record statements, but are they really the ones to blame?

Two chiefs in the area – one from the Ogiek community and another from the Kipsigis – have also been arrested. They were apprehended after a security baraza on Friday evening.

The clashes that started last Wednesday are becoming worse everyday despite the police assurance that security has been beefed up in the area to calm the situation.

Many believe the clashes might have been caused by the government’s move to evict people living in mau forest, a move that residents opposed.

As much as security is being beefed up in the area, the people involved in the clashes are confronting the officers with arrows as well as other innocent residents who are being killed and displaced.


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