New fuel prices under President Kenyatta’s proposal

President Uhuru Kenyatta today addressed  the nation on the 16 percent fuel tax that was earlier implemented.

“I have spent the last few days listening to a wide conception of ideas and it is clear that you are all troubled by the effect of the taxation on fuel” he said

During the public address, President Uhuru also mentioned his intentions in regard to 16% fuel tax that has resulted to the hiking of fare prices  for the local mwananchi who uses public transport.

He also went ahead to assure Kenyans that their taxes will be used well. President Kenyatta also mentioned that the government has increased funding to Judiciary, DPP and other investigative agencies tasked with dealing with corruption.

Following his proposal to cut VAT on petroleum products by 50% . Below are the suggested fuel prices incase his proposal is accepted

Super Petrol from KSh 127 to about KSh 118, Diesel from Ksh 115 to Ksh 107.

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