“Killing is a crime. Having a “sponsor” is not”

It has probably been a couple days of sleepless nights for Sharon’s family and friends as the entire country calls for justice to be served following her mysterious murder case. A double loss as a matter of fact. The unimaginable pain she went through makes me wonder of how little could be left of humanity.

Could this be a painful result of the current lifestyle many girls are embracing? Well this incident has triggered may questions with some speculations that it could be political.

Is this what our ladies are signing up for as they date older men (who are married) in this case? Well, some people don’t think so. Not in defense or against her choices but what has got the nation talking is the brutality that led to her death.

Even with the current occurrences, are ladies still coming out ‘proud’ about having sponsors. In this unfortunate case where lives were lost, it requires more than exchange of accusation. We all want the murders to be brought to book but beyond that this is a signal for the nation to relook its morals standards in order to curb this moral decay.

This sensitive issue has made Kenyans raise brows as they show deep concern towards the loss, as well as the affair between Migori Governor Okoth Obado and the late Sharon.

Sharon’s case however, is just one instance that has come up in the light yet it gives me a thought of the many stories that never saw the light of day.

The outcry of Kenyan leaders and citizens weighs heavily on the matter of condemning the act as well as prosecution of those found culpable. After which, few will remember, few will learn and in this era of the ‘bora uhai’ mentality this may end up as one of those old stories.



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