Obado admits impregnating Sharon, lawyer asks politicians to keep off

Migori governor Okoth Obado’s  Lawyer Cliff Ombeta has come out to say Obado had a relationship with Rongo University student Sharon Otieno and was  not a secret. Ombeta said Obado’s relationship was on and they cannot refute the claims.

Sharon’s family has also added that Obado had a sexual relationship with their daughter, who was found dead in Kodera Forest last Wednesday.

“It is a normal thing for people to have a moment of weakness but speaking of murder no,” he said.

The seven-month pregnant woman had been raped and stabbed eight times; three times in the neck, four times in the back and on the left side of her abdomen.

Noting that they sympathise with the deceased, Ombeta said politics has taken a center stage in the investigations.

“We mourn and we are sorry that this happened but let us not think with the heart, let’s think with the head. Why are politicians commenting…look at Sonko, Kilonzo, Kaluma.. all this are politicians,” he said.

“The main suspect (of Sharon’s murder) is my fellow governor, governor Obado, Shame on you! The postmortem report shows that Sharon was stabbed on the uterus to kill the embryo, because Obado told Sharon to abort but she refused. Why didn’t he use a condom?” poses Sonko.

Politicians and Kenyans alike have been asking for the governor to be arrested over the death of the student.

Activists led by Women representative Esther Passaris marched along Nairobi streets asking for the police to arrest the governor.

“Wametuzoea, wametuzoea…{nani} wanasiasa wametuzoea,….wameuwa Sharon..wameuwa Sharon..,” they sang along the Nairobi streets as they adorned red ribbons.

But Ombeta said the people asking the governor to be arrested should stop.

“If the detectives were to follow such pressure from the public then it is not right. The presumption of innocence must also be there,” he said.


He said that the influence being peddled by the protesters is not required and not good for the Judiciary.

“He is not a suspect but just a person of interest.. the police are trying to piece together the kind of information he gave them.  ”

On Tuesday, Obado denied that he was involved in the murder of the Rongo University student and told the police in that he too was interested in knowing Sharon’s killers.

The police questioned him for more than eight hours. His lawyers said their client was innocent but told the police what he knew about the case.



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