Moses Kuria ‘Miguna has three Rape Cases in Canada’

Gatundu South MP. Moses Kuria has accused self declared NRM General Miguna Miguna of having three rape cases in Ontario Canada.

In fact Moses Kuria said that he regretted dining with the controversial lawyer who was deported to Canada under very controversial circumstances after administering an oath to Raila Odinga.

It all started when Miguna blasted the ODM Party for pretending to be mourning loudly about the heinous murder of Sharon Otieno.

Miguna said that member of the opposition party are dining with the people who murdered former IEBC ICT boss Chris Msando.

The body of Chris Msando was found at City Mortuary days after being reported missing by his family. Police said his body was discovered in Kikuyu forest.


Before Msando was found dead. Kuria had posted a picture of the ICT guru’s car on his Facebook page saying the idiot was having a good time in Roysambu while the country was looking for him.

ODM has since made peace with Jubilee since the famous handshake between Uhuru and his brother Raila. In fact Kuria was accorded a warm welcome when he visited Kisumu County recently.

And in reply to Miguna’s accusations, Kuria revealed that the Kenyan-Canadian lawyer is a rapist. Miguna is yet to reply to the allegations.

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