Star opens up on abuses he receives from Arsenal fans

Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin has opened up on the abuses he always receives especially on online platforms.

The Spaniard told The Times that he has also been called a lesbian for his hairstyle and further admits that the insults can affect players but for him, he has learnt to live with them.

“Most of the abuse is online, but you hear it in the stadium too. People have called me ‘lesbian’ for growing my hair. There are other kinds of homophobic insults. I have learned to grow a thick skin but it can affect you. Every now and again, you get a bit of self-doubt.” Bellerin said.

Bellerin believes that footballers should be given the freedom to live their ways of lives without much scrutiny in order to live happily. According to him, he has also been abused even in the stadium during matches.

“The problem is that people have an idea of what a footballer should look like, how they should behave, what they should talk about. You act a little differently and you become a target. There is pressure to conform. This is very dangerous. In life, you should be allowed to express yourself. People are happier like this.” he said.

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