Anita Nderu I love you, reveals Rapper Luo Dollar

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Once street urchin rapper Victor Ochieng popular known as Vicmass Luodollar has revealed how NTV’s Anita Nderu has been instrumental in his music journey.

Vicmass has disclosed that Anita was the first person who granted him his first TV interview that jump started his musical career.

In his message, the Bank Otuch, maker revealed that he had inboxed Anita several times requesting to be featured on Teen Republik, so that his songs can also see the limelight.

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“Now back to the photo above ,Anita was the first person in Kenya to put me on TV, I was in her facebook inbox so many times sending reverberation links to my songs until one day she respond and send me her email and phone number, he told me to send my songs she liked mama and My story ft @wafandelife then scheduled me for an interview she was hosting a show called TEEN REPUBLIK ON NTV, went with a group of friends from Kibera,i had no matatu fare so tulikanyaga kaguu aka (route

11)coz kibera na Nation Centre tao si mbali,went met Anita did an interview it was on a weekday and boom on same week saturday I was on TV and my first music video(My story ft Wafande) was playing on @Ntvkenya, that brought tear of happiness down my chin” shared Vicmass.

After the Interview Anita offered to pay bus for Vicmass and his five friends who had accompanied him to Nation Centre.

“Anita Nderu i love you and wherever you are just know you had a hand raising a star I am today thank you for that golden opportunity. Anita paid our bus fare back to Kibera I was with other 5 friends from Kibera. Same week on Sunday I went for Auditions pale Skylux launge Westy to appear on @sautisol Money Lover video I found people recognized me from Anitas Teen Republik show did my Audition 4 days later made it to the shortlist and I was chef in Sauti Sol Money Lover Video,Today I am a star and Kenyan Entertainment Industry has done me alot of favors that’s why in Each and every media tour annually you will always see me with new artist on your TV and Radio, Last year I brought you Shaz this year is RedPen.I love you all” added Vicmass Luodollar


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