What if Sharon was your sister?

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A lot has been said about Sharon Otieno, the slain Rongo University student who was killed by Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s goons.

In the words of Kipchumba Murkomen Kenyans ‘have completed their investigations, found Sharon Otieno & the unborn baby guilt of sin, convicted her & sentenced her & the baby to death.’

But just take a step back and ask yourself this question, what if she was your sister? or your daughter for that matter? would you have said all the nasty things you have said about her?

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How do you think her family is feeling going through all these social media posts and comments? It is not cool, just to justify a murder because the victim was having an affair with an untouchable politician.

A few months ago we lauded Waziri Chacha for sleeping with more than five female MPs. But now we want to turn a blind eye on Sharon Otieno and blame her for her own death. Why the double standards?

99% of male Kenyan politicians are sponsors who prey on young vulnerable Kenyan college girls. Almost every Kenyan youth, whether a boy or a girl has a dream of having a sponsor. Sharon was just lucky to make that dream a reality.

Our society is designed in such a way that, hardwork is not rewarded. We are bribed to vote in mediocre and stupid politicians who have no intention to change Mwananchi’s situation.

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According to Sharon’s mother, Obado promised to give her daughter county tenders. On her Facebook page, you could see the girl dining in high end hotels, holidaying in exotic places and traveling on first class air tickets. Lifestyle that can only be sustained by someone who has access to taxpayers money. Who wouldn’t that?

In my analysis, there are two types of people vilifying this girl. Number one is young unmarried women who are envious of her lifestyle and would do everything to be in her shoes. Ironically, these same ladies have sponsors, but unlike Sharon, they’re rolling with poor sponsors.

Number two critics are young men, who are jealous of what the governor could afford. They’re bitter people who know why the girl chose a richer guy but don’t want to accept it and want to change facts to suit their own agenda. But secretly this same young men are busy advertising themselves on social media chat rooms, looking for rich women to give them what Sharon was getting.

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But this is not the time to talk about morals. Let us first be humane. a family is mourning the death of their daughter who died while seven months pregnant. Who kills a pregnant woman? Sharon did not invent the sponsor phenomenon. And her death won’t definitely end it. Sharon Otieno was just a victim of societal problems.

In the words of Carol Radull, this is not the time to preach the lessons of sponsors, we must ensure the family gets justice. All fingers are pointing at Obado, let the DCI start by arresting the Migori governor so that he does not temper with witnesses and evidence.


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