Ridiculous things women do to win a man over

When a woman loves, she can do anything to have and keep a man.
It’s said that women love with their hearts while men love with their heads. Anyway, it could be the reason as to why women fall so deeply in love.

Why one would be willing to work day and night to try and win a man who is not ready to be kept is a different matter altogether.

But here are some ridiculously crazy things women will do when they want to win and keep a man:

1. Witchcraft

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This is to the extreme but it does happen. When a woman is so much into a man and the man doesn’t seem to be in love, the woman may opt for witch craft to win the man over. Recently, Hamisa Mobetto allegedly visited a witch doctor to win Diamond Platinumz. But is it really worth all hustles and dramas of a witch doctor?

2. Getting pregnant

So you think that getting pregnant for him will make him love you more and stick to you? Sorry. If he is gonna go, he is gonna go for sure. This is a gross mistake women make all in the effort to keep a man who probably is already decided. Fortunately, some men choose to stay for the sake of the baby.

3. Suicide threats

Ladies will make threats of how they will commit suicide if you leave them. While this strategy may make a man stay, it will definitely not be the best relationship. He will only stay because he does not want you to commit suicide but not because of love. You don’t want to live with a person who doesn’t love you, do you?

4. Changing your appearance

Women with esteem issues will bleach, undergo plastic surgery and adopt some styles just to win a man. But a man who loves you should love you without undergoing a breast implant or bleaching. So, even if you changed your appearance such that you shine like the stars, he will still pack and leave if he wants to.

5. Introducing him to relatives

Unless you are so certain that the man will marry you, you should never rush to introduce your boyfriend to your relatives. Introducing him seems like a great way to let him know that you are damn serious about taking the relationship to the whole level. Sadly, this either will not keep him

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