Uganda commander confronted by youth over Bobi Wine’s fate

Bobi Wine was arrested on Thursday evening at Entebbe Airport in Uganda as he was preparing to take his flight to the US for medical attention.

However, the arrest of Hon,. Bobi Wine brought Ugandan protesters on Friday where they surrounded Ugandan Brigadier Abel Kandiho at Kisekka Market asking  and demanding that MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, be allowed to fly out for medical attention.

Bobi Wine

Abel Kandiho, who is the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) commander was confronted after arriving at the market at around noon.

Commander  Kandiho was surrounded by youths who asked him to explain why police and the army had blocked Mr Kyagulanyi, the Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East from going to the United States.

Mr Kyagulanyi and MP Francis Zaake were blocked at Entebbe International Airport on Thursday, when they were to fly to the US and India respectively for the treatment of injuries sustained during the Arua Municipality by-election fracas.

The one-star general attempted to get a briefing on the chaos from security operatives but the crowd did not let him address them.

“Why are these shops closed?” Brig. Kandiho asked soldiers and policemen manning the entrances to buildings on Kisekka Market lane.

Before the officers could answer, a demonstrator shouted: “Those police officers are the ones disturbing us. They have made our work difficult. They have even closed our shops. Chase them away because we want to work.”

The commander was forced to board his Land Cruiser and move to the extreme end of the market.

Bobi Wine was leaving for the United States where he was going to seek medical attention following hi s attack by the military who held him in jail for a week and tortured him before releasing him where he was re arrested and charged with treason.

Bobi Wine was arrested for apparently involving the youth who were said to have thrown stones at President Museveni’s motorcade during the Arua Municipality campaigns.

Earlier on Bobi Wine’s body guard was shot dead in his car where it was claimed that the target was Bobi Wine but unfortunately the bullet got his driver.


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