Bayern Munich winger is regretting

Bayern Munich star Ribery said in an interview that he regretted the serious injury of his compatriot Coman.

In an interview, Ribéry said: “If we can reserve four people in the winger position, it would be better, but now we only have three. I hope this is enough. I am in a good mood with Robben. The body is also very good, Gnabri is back, we are all in good condition, and the injury such as Coman is indeed possible in football.”

Ribéry said: “I talked to Koman after that game. It was a very difficult time for him. The injury was a blow to all of us! This is the second time this year, he Now we need our support, he is still young, we talked a lot with him, and the whole team needs to be optimistic.”

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