Who will fill Ronaldo’s shoes at Real Madrid? Marcelo reveals

Marcelo: C Ronaldo is the best in the world, but Bell and Benzema are also very good.

Real Madrid defender Marcelo spoke to the media after the game with Girona. The leftback was substituted in the 60th minute and admits he never expected it.

“It really surprised me. I am in a good state, 100% state, I want to continue playing. But the coach decided so, I respect it, whether you can understand this decision, but I always want to be able to play. game.”

For the goal of the goalkeeper, Marcelo said:

“I think Navas played very well. Our two goalkeepers are very good. Although I can’t do it, I think Navas is in good shape and I am happy for him.”

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And after Ronaldo left Real Madrid has scored 8 goals in various events, Marcelo said: “C Ronaldo is the best in the world, no doubt everyone misses him. But Benzema Du Bell is also very good.”

“Now we are on a very good path. I believe that Real Madrid will get better every game. We played well today and the three points are the most important.”

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