Valverde: Ronaldo’s departure may end his competition with Messi

Valverde: Ronaldo’s departure may end his competition with Messi

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde recently held an interview with the club’s media where he gave his targets for the new season.

keep it steady:

I certainly hope to continue to maintain the state of last season in the new season. This is what we have been doing last year. To maintain this feeling is to maintain the stability and strength of the team, but we also know that the season is very long, it is impossible to The game is the same, especially for the representative of the offensive football like Barcelona.

Most of the games last season did not pose a big threat to us. This is very important. It needs to follow this kind of route. Only stability can win the championship. We try to keep the team as stable as possible, whether it is the line of defense or the line of attack, we must maintain the same line of action.

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But the game with Rome is a very bad day. The more such a game, the more focused. But we also know that in the Champions League and the World Cup, such a game is ultimately a detail decision, which requires more attention.

Requirements and standards:

In Barcelona, ​​we have won six championships a year, and we have had five crowns a year. Everyone in this club fights for all championships. But this is often impossible to meet, very difficult. Of course, this is the requirement for Barcelona. What we have to do is to win the top spot in the league from one day and then to the last day. Of course, this only means winning the league. Because the Champions League and the World Cup are like, there are too many accidents.

Youth training:

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Barcelona always needs to support the youth training players as much as possible, but this is not to say that you put the echelon’s children into the first team to support the youth training, because the requirements of the first team and the level of competitive incentives are unimaginable, but definitely Do this because the youth players are characterized by players who have bought from outside.

In the end, everything depends on the players themselves, not on others. I can give you a chance. This is ok. Because I hope that young people can enter the first team of Barcelona, ​​compete here, score, because this can guarantee the characteristics and character of your team, our B team has a few children, and want to enter the first team, I I am very confident about these.

C Ronaldo left the influence of Real Madrid and Barcelona:

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Ronaldo’s departure may seem to end his competition with Messi (La marcha de Ronaldo parece que rompe esta competencia entre Messi y Cristiano), because when we talk about one of them, we must talk about another. I myself, like everyone else, want to see the changes in Real Madrid after Ronaldo left, including their response to the transfer operation. At the same time, we know that Cristiano Ronaldo went to another club, and another league, which has a great influence on Serie A and the Champions League.

World Cup:

The World Cup is actually a very easy to contrast. For example, France’s offensive defense is very good, but there are also teams that have their own characteristics. For example, Spain’s possession is good, but no further.

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I think VAR definitely helps us, especially on the penalty, but I don’t know if it will bring negative problems. For example, I don’t want VAR to influence the rhythm of the game. This is the strangest place: the charm of football is a quick offense and defense conversion, but the referee also needs help. Many people are in the championship penalty, but in the World Cup finals, France scored through a controversial positioning ball.

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