Why I no longer do club hosting – Huddah reveals

Kenyan Socialite turned entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has come out to give reasons as to why she nolonger  do club hosting.

Huddah who was known for her ratchet ways back in the day explained that most promoters shortchange people and she’d rather sleep than get peanuts.

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According to Huddah people rather see her not making any moves than make moves just to impress them and be seen as if she is winning.

In addition she said , “I no longer do club hostings coz my rate card went way up there…and most promoters like to shortchange a nigga…so for peanuts I’d rather sleep comfortably in my bed than hop onto a flight to go receive ya pocket change. Hope we clear??”

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“I’d rather people say I’m not making moves than me making oppressive moves just to be seen or look like I’m winning. There’s a time for sowing and a time for reaping…” she revealed

Huddah who bought her first car at 21 years of age recently said that she had changed her ways of life and was focused on leaving a legacy.

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She once participated in the Big Brother Africa 8 in South Africa. Though she failed to win the contest, her fame shot up not just in Kenya but also globally. She now owns Huddah Cosmetics.

Huddah now owns a cosmetic business dubbed Hudda Cosmetics which has seen her florish in the beauty industry.


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