Smoking Weed Helps me Dig Toilets: Embu Man Tells Court

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A 34-year-old man arrested for being in possession of 16 rolls of bhang in Embu on Thursday, August 15 told an Embu Court he smoked the substance to carry out his job. Joseph Mukindi Njeru, admitted to being in possession of the commodity and explained he only used it when digging boreholes and pit latrines.

Mukundi appeared before Embu Chief Magistrate Maxwell Gicheru, who charged him with being in possession of 16 rolls of marijuana with a street value of KSh 1,600 at Kianjokoma area, Citizen TV reported. The accused denied intending to peddle the drugs, saying his stock was for consumption only since the nature of his work involves going several feet below the ground.

He noted he smoked the substance regularly to keep cool while inside the dark holes. Mukundi further stated despite admitting to being in possession of drugs during his arrest, police officers still assaulted him hence causing him bodily harm.

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The magistrate directed Manyatta Police Station OCS to appear in court with a full report over the assault allegations. The accused was released on KSh 50,000 bond with surety of a similar amount or cash bail of KSh 10,000. He was further ordered to appear in court on August 30, 2018.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Controversial ‘public intellectual’ David Ndii has called for the legalization of Marijuana in Kenya, revealing that he smoked a lot in his youth.

The NASA Chief Strategist was commenting on Twitter after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) intercepted 17 kilograms of marijuana with a street value of Sh680,000 at the Suam border.

Customs officers arrested a suspect on Thursday as he ferried the consignment on a motorcycle. Preliminary investigations indicated that the marijuana was from Uganda and was destined for Nakuru.

Taking to his popular Twitter handle, David Ndii simply tweeted: “Legalize Marijuana”, sparking a debate with some of his over 330K followers.

And when he was challenged about the “populist view that Marijuana is non-addictive”, Ndii was candid about his addiction to cigarettes and the use of Cannabis during his youth.

“I was addicted to cigarettes, struggled a lot to quit. I smoked a lot of pot in my youth, never had cravings or withdrawal symptoms. You’d have to smoke a hell of a lot of pot to get addicted, if at all,” wrote Ndii.

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