Kenyans Arrest a Corrupt Police Officer

It is not so often that you will see a police man being arrested, especially by Wananchi. But a video has emerged online of Kenyans bundling a corrupt traffic police officer into a car.

It was a pure case of the hunter becoming the prey and being hunted as the police tried to resist arrest and wriggled himself but Wananchi carried him shoulder high and locked him into the car.

We are not aware why the Afande was arrested but we can guess he was trying to solicit for hamsini hamsini from motorists. One person is heard in the video saying ni sisi wananchi tunaumia.

Well, @UKenyatta put Kenyans up to the task and it is the duty of everyone to get rid of corruption in Kenya#KTNNewsCentre #KTNMorningExpress #Brekko #EquityHYResults #JamboKenya @CNN @cnni @ntsa_kenya @ntvkenya @citizentvkenya

— Kelvin ?? (@NKelvin_W) August 16, 2018

It seems Wananchi have taken the matter of fighting corruption into their own hands. We hope this will be a lesson to our officers that Kukula kitu kidogo can land you in hot soup

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