Zari’s hacker arrested

Man arrested for allegedly hacking Zari’s Instagram

Former Ugandan Socialite turned Business Woman  Zari Hassan’s alleged social media hacker  has been arrested.

According to reports, a Ugandan man identified as Jemba Farid Gilbert known to many as Omo Dada is behind Zari’s instagram hacking. Apparently he happens to be the guy  who also helped the Boss Lady’s account to get verification.

In addition,Uganda Onlinenhad reported that Zari Hassan’s investigations had led to Farid who has always had access to her social media accounts.

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After his arrest, Farid denied hacking the Zari’s account saying that he has always had the log in details given to him by Zari herself, but spent two days in police custody before he was released on bond.

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According to police spokesperson, Luke Oweyesigyire who confirmed the arrest, Farid’s laptop and cell phones were confiscated to help with investigations.

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Hackers Were demanding Sh400K before they give her back the account.

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Also her Facebook page has been hacked and those responsible are posting Nudes photos.




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