Nainggolan: I play in the Most Tactical League in The World

Belgium midfielder Radja Nainggolan  has dismissed coach Roberto Martinez’s claims that he was omitted from the world cup squad for tactical reasons saying the coach lied and had other reasons for not taking him to Russia.

“I’ve played 300 matches in Serie A — it’s the most tactical competition in the world,” the midfielder said on a Belgian TV station.

The 30 year old helped Roma reach the Champions League semifinals where he scored two goals against Liverpool but that was not enough to guarantee him a place in the Belgium squad. He hinted that the omission had something to do with his lifestyle.

“Some people criticize me for smoking I can understand. They feel that I should be a role model for youngsters.

“But if that’s what I wanted to be, I would have become a primary school teacher or an educator. But I’m a footballer and I want to be judged based on my performances on the pitch.”

The midfielder has since called time on his playing career.

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