Governors’ recent ranking rubbished

Secretary General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions, Francis Atwoli has rubbished the recent rankings by governors terming it as wholly unprofessional.

Reacting to a viewer’s comment during a show on one of the mainstream television stations, Atwoli termed is as utterly disrespectful for an organization to attempt to rank Governors through an A, B, C, D kind of a system.

“Governors are not primary school children! That is a useless system of doing things. They should be able to reach out to reach out to the governors and inform them of the shortcomings. You cant go to press ranking people as if they are young kids. That was wrong and someone should tell that organization that things aren’t done like that,” he stated.

Nairobi County Government scored a D+ in the counties’ ranking released by research firm Trends & Insights For Africa (TIFA) on Tuesday with key counties; Mombasa and Kisumu scoring a C and C+ respectively.

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