Is Babu Owino pulling the handshake politics stunt

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Hon.Babu Owino is still in the mood to build broken bridges.

Babu excited his audience when he took to his social media facebook page after he held  surprise meetings with former president Mwai Kibaki’s son Jimmy Kibaki and Portuguese Ambassador Luissa Fragoso.

According to Babu the meetings were held on  different occasions where he and Jimmy Kibaki discussed on matters national interest and a united nation while with Portuguese Ambassador Luissa Fragoso discussed on empowering the  people of Embakasi east and Kenya.

Just recently Babu Owino went way and above to shake  president Kenyatta’s hand during the state of the nation address when the president asked the members to shake hands as way of reconciliation.

The young MP has been in a number of scandals including bad mouthing and disrespecting the president.


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