Why East Africa Chief Justices want more Involvement in EAC Affairs

Chief justices from the East African Community member states want to be officially involved in the activities of the bloc so they can help coordinate legal affairs and strengthen administration of justice in the region.

The chief justices said they are ready to offer legal solutions to “the controversies standing in the way of integration process.”

They said that the treaty which established the EAC envisaged judiciary cooperation but felt short of giving proper elaboration on the engagements.

The CJs resolved to revive the East African Community Chief Justices Forum (EACJF) to enable them engage with other arms of regional governments and the regional integration body.

The chief justices were in Nairobi for a consultative forum on enhancing regional collaboration in the administration of justice.

Those in attendance were David Maraga (Kenya), Ibrahim Juma (Tanzania), Bart Katureebe (Uganda), Omar Makungu (Zanzibar), Chan Madut (South Sudan) and Sam Rugege (Rwanda).

Somalia Chief Justice Ibrahim Suleiman attended as an observer. East African Chief Justices Forum President Emmanuel Ugirashebuja was also present.

They said EACJF, where the President of East African Court of Justice will also sit, will also help enhance judiciaries’ contribution to regional and national development, protection of rule of law and promotion of East Africa citizens’ well-being.

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