Seven Sewing Needles Found Inside A 3-Year Old Baby

Referral Hospital.have discovered sewing needles lodged in a girl child’s body. Five of the needles were found lodged in her abdomen while the other two wereon her back.The discovery came to light after the kid from Kangilikwagan village was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday with abdominal pain, cough, and fever.Her grandparents who have been taking care of the child since her mother got married said they don’t know how the needles got into the child’s body.

“Chepchumba’s mother abandoned her at my home due to the frequent illness. She gave me the child to take care of after she got married to another man.” The old lady said they thought the child was suffering from a normal disease when she complained of stomach upsets. “We thought that she was bewitched because the child doesn’t belong to the family where my daughter is married,” Ling’aa said. “We have been taking her to dispensaries and giving her painkillers,” she told journalists on Wednesday

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