Rose Muhando Explains WHY Photos were a PROBLEM Among Fans

Gospel musician Rose Muhando has come out to address photos of herself that delivered shockwaves across social press.
In one of the particular undated photos, Muhando has been photographed standing in the church pulpit with the bandaged hand. Her hip and legs were also dotted along with big black spots because her fans expressed issue over her wellbeing. An area of social media actually speculated that the Tanzanian singer was on difficult drugs.

“That image was taken a couple weeks ago when I was in Kenya. The cuts in my legs, which I continual in a road incident three months ago, are healing. The process has left me with dark areas on the afflicted body parts, including my back. I will be currently doing fine, at the same time I continue with treatment, ” said Muhando.

4 thoughts on “Rose Muhando Explains WHY Photos were a PROBLEM Among Fans

  1. Wishing you quick recovery Rose, our beloved Musician. It is well. May God continue to strengthen you and empower you in Jesus Christ Name.

  2. wish you guick recovery Rose our God will fight for yu am your fan i love your music I have all your albums from volume 1 to the latest jitenge na lutu may God bless you sister welcome to Baringo

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