Kenyan Gay Personality Is Going To Marry His Boyfriend

Kenya’s most prominent gay personality Binyavanga Wainaina is all set to walk down the aisle early next year. The writer, who declared his sexual orientation on his 43rd birthday on January 18, 2014, in an article titled “
I am a homosexual, mum,” has proposed to his boyfriend.

While making the announcement on his Facebook page, the Caine Prize winner revealed that his partner is a Nigerian. They will solemnize their 6-year-old relationship in South Africa where they will also be living. “I asked my love for his hand in marriage two weeks ago. He said yes, nearly immediately. He is Nigerian. We will be living in South Africa, where he will be studying next year. We will get married there, early next year,” said Wainaina. “We will have a reception for Kenyans in Nairobi some time next year too.” Nigerians will also be a part of the celebrations. Binyavanga confirmed this, saying; “I am sure we will have a party for Nigerians later next year.”

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